Electric Discovery

A new world of discoverable information – email messages, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and other computer files produced, created and stored electronically is being faced today.

Courts also have increasingly recognized the importance of electronic discovery – the collection, processing, review and production of electronic documents – for resolution of important investigations and litigation matters.

Collecting and reviewing electronic evidence remains a challenge as computers become the new filing cabinets for companies. You need an electronic discovery expert ensure your success in managing large volumes of electronic evidence accurately and cost-effectively.

What you need to create a comprehensive case strategy by fully integrating e-discovery into cases.

Stages of Electronic Discovery

  • Data Source Identification Data Acquisition
  • Data Recovery
  • Evidentiary Search & Filtering
  • Evidence Production
  • Expert Witness – Verify & Testify

In addition to our electronic discovery services, we are also highly proficient in financial investigations. Our experts are skilled in navigating the corporate environment. The following describes the financial services we provide:

  • Financial Investigation Expertise
    1. Forensic Accounting
    2. Corporate Fraud
    3. 3. Securities Litigation

  • Data Source Identification
  • Data Retrieval Services can help you identify useful sources for evidence collection. We understand the case and discuss potential targets for data acquisition.
Key services offered for this stage include:

  • Discovery strategy consulting
    • Assistance in responding to a “Request to Produce”
    • Target identification
    • Interviews with relevant parties
  • Electronic Evidence can be stored across numerous mediums.
  • When looking for evidence you should consider all the possibilities.

Data Retrieval can help you identify many sources including the following:

  • Workstations
  • Servers
  • Network Attached Storage
  • Time Clock Scanners
  • Voicemail / Phone System
  • Proxy Server Logs
  • ISP Access Logs

Let us help you with your electronic discovery