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Did You Lose Important Data?
We can get it back for you; We are the Data Recovery Experts.

Our state-of-the-art data recovery facilities at Data Retrieval Services are geared up to handle everything you can throw at us. We have been recovering data for over 30 years, before most of you owned your first computer!

From individuals’ personal computers with simple problems…to the most complex data recovery challenges, we offer data recovery services like no other data recovery company can offer you.

If the data you need was there at one time, we will find it. Contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

Our Data Recovery experts are dedicated to you.

We simply exist to get your data back. Our customer care team can guide you easily through your data recovery process, 24/7 x365.

Our recovery success rate is phenomenal at just over 98%.
“We’ve recovered data from hard drives left in toxic waste dumps, thrown out of windows, submerged in water, drives that have been burned or melted in structure fires, malicious ex-employee computer sabotage, lightening strikes, and other disasters.”

We can get back the data you need, period!
We can solve your data recovery needs and the process begins with a phone call. We will be happy to explain your recovery options to you. We are located in Florida, USA, and we do all of our recoveries here in our facility. If we can help you over the phone, we will. If you need to send us your damaged media, we will give you clear instructions, including an estimated cost of your recovery. We will evaluate your drive as soon as it arrives and will
get back to you ASAP with a firm recovery price.

Our highly specialized data recovery engineers have the expertise and ingenuity to recover your data from practically ALL storage media crashes and failures. We provide the following data recovery services and much, much more:
• Raid System Recovery
• Data/Web Server Recovery
• Tape Cartridge Recovery
• Hard Drive Data Recovery
• Optical Media Data Recovery
• Digital Media Recovery, Flash Cards, Camera Cards, Cellular Phone Cards
• Removable Media : Pen Drives, USB Thumb Drives, Floppy Disk Recovery
• Data Recovery Consulting Services
• Other Services To Help You Prevent Data Loss In The First Place

Some of the most common data recovery problems are:

  • Computer won’t boot
  • Formatted hard drive
  • Applications that are unable to run or load data
  • Malicious data loss/employee attack
  • File saved but cannot be located
  • Power surges
  • Hard Drive/Media surface contamination and damage
  • Hard disk drive component failure
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Virus attack
  • Corrupt files/data
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Clicking/whirring noises – the “click of death”
  • Hard Drive seen in the BIOS but not recognized in Windows
  • Accidental reformatting of partitions or hard drive