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B. H. (July 24, 1985)

Systems Service Manager, ComMan D

Dear Larry,
Thank you for your services recently, in restoring our 30 MB disk Pack to condition that allowed us to retrieve data on it. Your efforts saved our customer many man hours of entering the data manually into their PDP 11/44 Processor.

If ever we have this type of problem again you can be assured that your company will be the first in consideration for the job. We would also be glad to be used as a reference.

Once again thank you for your services.

Adhyatma-Yoga-Dharma (Apr 5, 1990)

Dear Peter,
I am writing to tell you about a company that has done us a great service. That company is Data Retrieval Services, located at 1248 Rogers Street, Clearwater, FL 34616

Here are the particulars:
About the, middle of February. while trying to use Norton Disk Doctor to patch up 1.2 Meg floppy, our entire 70 Meg MiniScribe hard disk had a monumental crash (we only recently discovered that this was probably due to trying to use NDD with Windows Smartdraw disk cache on line). as usual, we had not backed up the disk for several months and faced a lot of re-working and the loss of some work that could not be duplicated.

On a referral, I contacted Larry Letourneau at Data Retrieval Services and sent him our entire hard disk for data retrieval. Within 48 hours, the disk was back fully recovered and we were back on line and working. The service was personable knowledgeable, and friendly. A unique combination, indeed.

I am, therefore, writing to recommend Data Retrieval Services to you as an excellent source of Data recovery and to recommended highly that, should you have customers that contact you with problems similar to ours, that you refer them to Data Retrieval services. I am sure that they will thank you for it!

Thanks for your time and attention.

P. G. (May 20, 1990)

Agency for International Development

To whom it may concern:
When my 50 MB hard disk failed, with a lot of important information on it, I contacted Peter Norton Inc. Customer Service with the question if they would be able to recuperate the data. They referred me to a company in Florida, Data Retrieval Services.

Thanks to the combined efforts of both companies, represented by Mr. Polo and Mr. Letourneau, my hard disk was repaired and all my information was recuperated.

I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to express my thanks to both companies and their representatives for the excellent service they provided.

P. G.

(Dec 3, 1990)

Engineering Supervisor, GTE, Florida

Dear Larry,

While I was on vacation, I received a phone call from work. I was told that my hard drive had crashed. I had some information backed up but could riot afford to lose the current information. I was desperate.

A co-worker placed a call to our computer service company, and they sent a representative over. The service rep said the FAT tables were missing. He said he would attempt to repair the disk drive but if he couldn’t he would have to reformat the disk. The service representative took the machine back to his office to attempt to repair the machine I could not lose this information and a co-worker instructed the technician not to reformat the hard disk, just replace the drive. The service rep then mentioned that Data Retrieval Services specializes in these types of problems.

We called and spoke to you. You said that you could do the work. You picked up the machine, restored important information and saved months of work.

I am very pleased with the work you did and highly recommend you to anyone in this situation. You do good work at a fair price, and saved my vacation.

Engineering Supervisor

(Mar 5, 1991)

President, Selmar Systems, Inc., New Jersey

Dear Peter,

Having been referred to your firm by one of the leading hardware manufacturers, I have recently had occasion to twice use your services on behalf of clients. In both cases, the result was successful and the service was excellent. Your turnaround time was quick and the price reasonable.

I take this opportunity to write because, not only was the service satisfactory but, the other elements of the transaction separated you from the run of the mill vendor. The level of expertise of your staff quickly became evident and the high level of their cooperation and sense of business ethics were noteworthy. since these are not always present in all business transactions, I wanted to formally acknowledge them and tell you that I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone I encounter.

Thanks again for a job well done.

Sincerely yours,

Barnett Fronczak (May14, 1991)


Dear Carleen,

CARLENE, we are writing to thank you for your Services. By recovering the computer data, which was lost due to power surges, you have effectively saved our firm considerable time and effort which otherwise would have been expended retyping and recreating this much needed information.

Currently, it seems as if the recovery has been very successful. Most files/documents recovered seem to be intact and accessible. The timelines of the retrieval were of great benefit. Due to the quick turnaround, we did not have to recreate much of the lost information.

Again, thank you, your services are much appreciated.

(Jun 12, 1991)

Chief Engineer, KUZZ TV 45, Chester Avenue

Dear Mr. Letourneau,

Last month our automated video controller hard disk drive crashed. Several manufacturers told us that our commercial verification records could never be recovered, until Seagate recommended Data Retrieval Services. Thanks to you and your staff we were able to recover 100% of our client billings.

Thank you very much.

Chief Engineer

(Jun 18, 1991)

Data Center Manager, FORMICA

Dear Carleen,

On behalf of Formica Corporation, I would like to thank you and your organization to the response that Data Retrieval Services demonstrated on our behalf. ALL THE DATA was recovered from the PC disk we sent for recovery services. The origin and use of the data are highly confidential and it’s recovery was critical to the success of business unit. Again, thank you for being there when we needed you. I will not hesitate in calling you again in tile future if I have any data recovery opportunities

Best Regards,
Data Center Manager

(Jun 18, 1991)

Chief Financial Officer, Toledo Family Health Center

Dear Carleen,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation for the job you folks did salvaging our hard drive and, most importantly, all the files.

Your timely, effective response to our problem turned a potential disaster into just an inconvenient but lasting learning experience.

Thanks again for your help.

Chief Financial Officer

(Sep 26, 1991)

Chief, Fiscal Service, Department of Veterans Affairs

Dear Mr. Letourneau,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your timely help in recovering the data from our Dell system 310 computer. After our hard disk drive failure, we feared that several years of budget data was last forever. However, our Information Resource Management Service told us that if anyone could help us it was Data Retrieval Services, Inc.

It is very comforting to know that your company is out there ready and willing to help computer users in their time of need. We greatly appreciate all your efforts to restore our data and help us continue our work for our veterans.

Chief, Fiscal Service

(Oct 29, 1991)

VLSI Design Coordinator, Allied-Signal Aerospace Company

Dear Mr. Larry Letourneau,

This is to thank you and your organization for successfully recovering over 9 months of critical design data lost during the crash of one of our 1.6Gb System Industry drives (SI—95) on our VAX/VMS cluster. The System Industry drives have always been and continue to be very reliable devices. The design data recovered over the three-week period from July 4th to July 27th l990 was part of a very time critical program under contract. by the US Government. The combination of your expeditious service, attention to detail unrelenting problem-solving skills professional attitude and expert knowledge of disk drives and computer systems gave us a high degree of confidence in your ability to resolve our problem during a very stressful period.

I highly recommend your services and, in the event, that data retrieval is required in the future, DRS will be the first to be called.

VLSI Design Coordinator

(Nov 15, 1991)

Director, Pharmaceutical System Administration, Pfizer International Inc.

Dear Larry,

I would like to thank you and the staff at Data Retrieval Services for the successful recovery of our crashed disk drive. The knowledge, professionalism and helpfulness of the DRS staff certainly was reassuring at such a ‘trying time’. And most of all, the 100% recovery assures that I would recommend your services to anyone in our organization.

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Director, Pharmaceutical System Administration

S. G. (January 14, 1992)

Manager, Engineering Planning & Analysis, XEROX

Dear Larry,

Linda Weston and I would like to thank you for the recovery of data from the hard disk drive. Your perseverance in getting the necessary information and equipment to recover the data from the drive is greatly appreciated.

S. G.
Manager, Engineering Planning & Analysis
Supplies Development & Manufacturing Unit

D. E. R. (January 19, 1992)

Data Design & Development

Dear Mr. Letourneau,

Nothing is more frustrating than turning on a computer only to have it respond that the hard disk doesn’t exist, and nothing has been more rewarding that having your company take that same disk and recover every one of the 99 million bytes it contained.

After taking the machine to a local repair shop, I was informed that my IDE Conner’s hard disk was unrecoverable. Extensive conversations with manufacturer proved equally fruitless. They did, however, give me the phone number of your company, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Your service was prompt and professional, and all your courteous staff demonstrated a high level of technical proficiency. Your evaluation fee was reasonable, and although the recovery fee seemed high at first, it was well worth every penny. As a software developer and computer consultant, I am constantly harping on my customers to backup, backup, backup. Unfortunately, I did not follow this advice when it came to my own computer! The loss of the data on my hard disk would have been devastating to both me and my customers, and your recovery of it was life saver. Although I hope it never happens again, if I or my customers ever experience a similar disaster, you will be the first place we call.


T. C. (February 14, 1992)

Manager Entertainment Technical Development / R&D, Walt Disney

Dear Carleen,

Just a note to say thanks to you and the staff at Data Retrieval for successfully retrieving all the material on my hard disk. After the hard drive on my Mac SE “crashed” and the repair shop could not get It started, you were able to get the even after I was told it was lost forever into the land of “bits” and “bytes.” All the information you provided on the floppy disk was read and loaded back into my repaired Mac. I have learned the importance of backing up my material!

Thanks again for the quick response you gave me. I did a blurb on this in a monthly report I do for Disney and have enclosed a copy. I appreciate what you did but I hope I never have to use your services again! (However. it’s nice to know it’s there.) Thanks again.

Sincerely yours,
T. C.
Manager Entertainment Technical Development / R&D

D. B. (March 19, 1992)

Data Viz Inc.

Dear DRS,

I am writing to thank you for the services you provided our company in retrieving the data
we had lost.

I am extremely impressed by the success you had in doing such a difficult job. Although our Apple hard drive was old enough to be my Grandfather, you successfully retained not just 90% but 100% of the files. I am equally impressed by the quick turnaround time in which you have done it.

It still fascinates me as to how you do this and do it so perfectly. I am glad I found your company in an Apple magazine. If I had not you can be sure there’d be many brokenhearted people here.

Thank you once again and you can rest assured that if I have any future problems, you’ll be the first ones I contact.

D. B.